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From Air Conditioning, Repairs and Installations, to Spare Parts

Air Conditioning

When BreatheSafe first began operating as TRACS Qld in 2005, our specialisation was in air conditioning.  While we no longer install the same vast amount of air conditioners, our wealth of experience has formed a foundation for BreatheSafe Air Quality.

Full Installations

BreatheSafe is capable to custom design and install machinery air conditioning systems in new and used equipment. 

  • Custom design solutions intergrating cabin pressuriser and environmental filters.
  • Quick response from design to manufacture.
  • Local manufacturing to heavy duty specifications.
  • Upgrades to increase performance and extend HVAC component life cycles.

Integrated Systems

BreatheSafe is proud to supply and install integrated air conditioning systems: 

  • Heavy duty condenser 
  • High efficiency evaporator 
  • Upgrade alternator
  • Cabin sealing


  •  Brushless motor
  • HEPA filtration


  • UHF
  • Lighting

OEM Airconditioning Upgrades

BreatheSafe’s OEM system upgrade & options to customise:

  • Optimise vehicle cabin.
  • Custom design cabin controls.
  • Integrated systems.
  • Full service support.
  • Full system manuals accessible online

Repairs and Installation

BreatheSafe employs the best trained and qualified installers in the industry. 

Each install is treated with care and efficiency to ensure the product works at it’s total optimisation to deliver a superior system for clean air.

HV Cabinet service
installing BreatheSafe on komatsu
installing BreatheSafe on komatsu

Cabin Pressuriser

Electric Motor

Brushless Electric Motor

Display controller




Fan Wheels

Monitor and Data






Airconditioning Parts


Filter Drier



Expasion Valves

Heat Exchangers


Common Parts

Clutch Coil

Pressure Switch


Wiring Looms

Circuit Breakers

Something new is always on the horizon at BreatheSafe

We are dedicated to innovation in technology to

protect workers and machinery. 

Our systems can be customised for any machine and any environment

BreatheSafe Systems

Operator Cabin

Electrical Enclosures

Clean Rooms

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HEPA Vacuum

Nanozen dust monitors