About Our Company

Research and development, manufacturing, distribution, and service from our head office in Brisbane, Queensland.

With support from our service and distribution out of Perth, Western Australia, and North America, we bring national and international service to our customers.

We are BreatheSafe

At BreatheSafe, we believe the only way to achieve zero harm is through zero exposure.

We are an Australian company dedicated to ongoing innovation to ensure the delivery of the most efficient air quality systems available today. Air quality experts design our intelligent High Pressure HEPA Filtration systems to protect worker’s lungs fully, machines, and electronics from hazardous dust in the workplace. Manufactured locally in Brisbane, each system is customised to suit any purpose in any environment.

With over 100 years of collective experience in airconditioning and air filtering and experts in supporting fields, BreatheSafe guarantees the highest quality and efficient products and workmanship.

Quality Manufacturing

Australian in-house manufacturing to your needs

Custom Design

Design, supply and install custom systems.

Spare Parts

A wide range of spare parts stocked for quick despatch.

BreatheSafe’s Mission for Zero Harm

Our products are designed for protection from the harmful effects of everyday exposure.

We believe that no amount of exposure to hazardous materials is safe. When aiming for zero harm, the goal must be zero exposure.

It is everyone’s responsibility to do the best they can.

We offer long term value through product innovation and building systems with integrity to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We proudly design and supply to OEM’s and end-users.  Contact us for qualified advice and fast response proposals.

Dont reduce risk. Remove it.

Protection from Asbestos, Coal Dust, Crystalline Silica, SO2, HF, H2SO4, DPM and various land fill gases.


Continuous Advancements

in our technology


Best Warranty

in the industry


Ongoing Monitoring

to demonstrate claims


Dedication to Developing

the best products available

BreatheSafe Values

If everyone respects each other – staff, customers, and suppliers – we will all go home safe and happy with our achievements. By being committed to leading the way with the development of exceptional products and customer service, it will aid us to develop long-lasting business partners.


We Believe

Staff Respect each other our customers and our suppliers.
Customers Listen to them, and collaborate before supplying.
Suppliers Work with them to develop the very best products at the very best price.
Service Providing the best service on every job every time.
Professionalism To act and deliver on time.
Innovation Provide what our customers need before they know they need it.


Our History

BreatheSafe’s history started in 2004 with TRACS QLD (specialising in transport refrigeration) and then Kev Dalton Air Conditioning (specialising in heavy vehicle air conditioning & pressurisation systems). Between these two companies, our staff has gained vast experience & knowledge in all these fields.

In September 2015, Nick Johnstone became the sole owner of TRACS Qld. He was determined to make air filtration and pressurisation systems the backbone of our business. TRACS Qld began trading under BreatheSafe.

We released our flagship products, the INPRESS controller and the TL pressuriser, with intelligent auto pressurisation. We have recently installed customised versions of the INPRESS unit on several different types and brands of machines. CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, TOYOTA, BHP, RIO TINTO, BORAL, to name a few, all with excellent results. 

As well as delivering these new systems, we still design, supply, and install custom air conditioning systems (Toyota Husky Skid steer Range, KOMATSU WA900) and air conditioning system upgrades (Hyundai & Komatsu range).

Komatsu D65
Simon servicing a BreatheSafe system installed on a high voltage cabinet

We are continuing to expand into other areas by co-developing with the valued collaboration of our customers. 

Our fully customised systems deliver performance gains and extended life cycles to suit the often harsh, hot, and dusty conditions encountered in remote parts of Australia.

Our distribution and manufacturing in Brisbane and Perth, and our North American distributor, ISS Mine Safety, connect us worldwide. We bring national and international service to our OEM’s and customers.

We offer technical expertise and full national service backup for our specialised product range.

Due to our dedication to delivering the highest product performance and extended life cycles, we believe we are providing the very best service and value to our customers.

Nick Johnstone


Nick is an experienced diesel mechanic, auto electrician, and refrigeration mechanic and an expert on air quality.

He is passionate about developing the best-performing air quality systems in the market.

Nick Komatsu 830E EE Electrical Enclosure HV Cabinet Trail Meandu

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