Intelligent Air Filtration

Protect workers and machinery in hazardous environments with BreatheSafe’s High Pressure HEPA Filtration systems.


Prevent harmful airborne dust particles such as silica, silicate and asbestos from entering workers’ lungs by using our high-quality HEPA filtration and high-pressure pressuriser systems.

No level of exposure to harmful dust is acceptable. Zero exposure means zero harm.

How can we help?

Meeting and exceeding ISO23875

with optional CO2 sensor available with our INPRESS TS controller.

High Pressure HEPA Filtration Systems 

Complete custom installation kits that efficiently filter dust and particles from the air

TL High Pressure Pressurisation Unit

Patented Enginaire Precleaner.

High-pressure turbine blade.

High efficacy brushless blower.

Ruggedized HEPA H14 filter.

INPRESS Controller

Automated cabin pressure control with data logger.

Automatically maintains the preset cabin pressure by adjusting blower speed.

Optional CO2 sensor for ISO23875 compliance.

HEPA Return Air Filter

Machine specific customised HEPA return air filter.

Replaces OEM low-efficiency return air filter.

Improve the system protection factor by 10x.

Removes airborne dust entered through open windows.

Cabin Sealing Kit

Increase HEPA filter service life AND optimise pressurisation efficiency by sealing cabin from leaks.

300 Pa when the system is on full speed – 30 Pa when in service.

Custom Mounting

No drilling or cutting into the machine to maintain integrity.

Mounting onto pre-existing lift points of the machine.

Or finding custom solutions to any mounting problem.

VacSafe Vacuum

Hepa H13 media filter.

Increases the life of recirculation filters.

Removes dust brought in from operators clothing.

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Why BreatheSafe

Our mission for zero harm

Best Value Guaranteed

Each kit comes with all necessary components included to ensure the best return on your investment by reducing maintenance costs, machine stand-down time and creating a safe and comfortable workplace.

Customised Solutions

With individually designed kits for over 400 OEM machines, our customisation means it lasts longer, works more efficiently and increases the machine’s lifespan.

Quality Assurance

Each BreatheSafe system is designed, manufactured and constructed in house by our specially trained and skilled team. We can ensure from start to finish that everything we produce is quality and will keep our customers safe.

Ongoing Innovation

Something new is always around the corner at BreatheSafe. As we are dedicated to increasing the health of safety of those using our products, we will always aim to continually develop and improve our technology.

Don’t reduce risk. Remove it.

Protection from asbestos, coal dust, crystalline silica, SO2, HF, H2SO4, DPM and various landfill gases.


Meandu Trial HV Cabinet Dust Prevention

BreatheSafe consulted with Meandu Coal Mine concerning airborne mine dust in their high voltage cabinets. A High Pressure HEPA Filtration system was specifically designed and installed on a Komatsu 830E HV cabinet with four TL pressurisers.

Meet and exceed ISO23875 with INPRESS TS Controller

The new ISO 23875 standard places a greater emphasis on the air quality inside the operator cabin than has been previously addressed. BreatheSafe has always focused on air qualityISO 23875 for the Mining Industry BreatheSafe systems meet and exceed this standard with...