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Fully customisable High Pressure HEPA Filtration systems

Protect operators and machines with the BreatheSafe High Pressure HEPA Filtration Cabin Installation Kits.

When installing an engineering control to isolate workers against hazardous airborne substances at mineral processing sites, the guides to follow are EN15695 and the recently released ISO 23875.

However, it must be noted that we have NOT found an OEM air filtration system fitted as standard that meets EN15695 or ISO 23875.

High Pressure System

Our systems are capable of achieving over 300 Pa of positive pressure inside the cabin. When paired with our INPRESS TS controller, the system can be set to maintain a pressure above 10 Pa continuously. We recommend between 20 and 50 Pa depending on machine type and operational conditions. This increases efficiency and longevity.

ISO23875 Compliant

When equipped with the optional CO2 sensor module, the system fully complies with all ISO 23875 regulations. 

Low maintenance

Our system is designed for each HEPA H14 filter to last. When paired with the INPRESS TS controller with an effectively sealed cabin the minimum service life will be over 500 hours.

In most cases, the filters will exceed 1000 hours in service. Our customised Twist Lock system and max pressure test through the INPRESS TS controller make servicing and capacity testing simple.

Built to Last

We understand our system has to last the machine’s service life, which is why we are dedicated to using the highest quality parts. Commission your BreatheSafe system online and receive an extended warranty and support.

Easy fit no cutting or drilling design

All systems are designed to be mounted onto the pre-existing lifting points of the machine to maintain cabin integrity.

Quiet motor

Our systems run quietly and do not interfere with operator comfort by utilising the brushless motor and automatic speed control.

Keep temperatures down

Removing dust from electronics keeps them from overheating

Reduce cabin cleaning

Our dual HEPA filtration will help to reduce cabin cleaning by eliminating the airborne dust from the cabin.

*Sorry the dual system can’t do too much for heavier dust carried in by the operator on their clothes or boots. This dust sits on the floor and only becomes airborne when disturbed. For this heavier dust, we recommend VacSafe 24V DC HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Case Studies

Caterpillar CS78B with custom mounting

Caterpillar CS78B custom mounting install
Caterpillar CS78B custom mounting install
Caterpillar CS78B

Hitachi EH5000 custom HEPA recirculation air filters

Caterpillar CS78B custom mounting install
Komatsu 830E wiring

Komatsu 830E custom system

Komatsu 830E enclosure
Komatsu 830E enclosure
Komatsu 830E wiring

Hitachi Zw180-5 Loader with custom mounting

Hitachi ZW180 Loader with BreatheSafe system
Caterpillar CS78B custom mounting install
Komatsu 830E wiring

Our systems can be customised for any machine and any environment

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