OnGuard Real-time Air Quality Monitoring & Management

Go above and beyond with our latest intelligent monitor controller. Reveloutionising data collection on dust control and mitigation

Know. See. Control. BreatheSafe.

For the past few years, our team of air quality experts and engineers have been working on an exceedingly intelligent in-cabin pressure monitor/controller. This latest technology is optimised for gathering data for advanced system control and delivers unprecedented insight into the efficiency of any air quality management system.

Unlike anything in the industry, our technology will change the face of industrial air quality monitoring and control. When OnGuard is paired with one of BreatheSafe’s High Pressure HEPA Filtration units, you will have unparalleled control.

OnGuard will let you know, see, and control air quality to effectively eliminate dust from the breathing zone.

Know what you breathe.

The OnGuard closely monitors and records the air quality of the enclosure and gives real-time alerts to operators and site staff*.

Simultaneously, it will adjust the operation of the hardware components in the system to provide the best possible outcome. Dramatically improving the air quality in the operator’s cabin.

One of the features of the new OnGuard is to monitor and record particulate mass concentration. If during the shift the PMC goes above the pre-set threshold OnGuard will increase the speed of the filtration unit so therefore increases the volume of air being filtered this will rapidly reduce the PMC in the cabin. Without the operator even knowing it has happened.

The new monitor controller delivers unprecedented insight into the efficiency of your air quality system and what operators are breathing in throughout their shift.

See what you breathe.

The OnGuard displays data both in real-time dashboard display, colour coded for convenience, and as real-time graphs.

The data recording includes:

    • CO₂ concentration
    • Motor load
    • Humidity and temperature
    • Alert time, severity, and details

Control what you breathe.

When connected to your site network, the OnGuard allows remote access and control of the air quality system. Change cabin pressure, conduct pressure testing, set alarms, recalibrate sensors, and more.

The OnGuard features a web interface that lets you observe and examine current and historical data and behavior of the system. This allows the supervising staff to monitor the health of the system and operator breathing zone from afar to prevent unsafe practices.

The OnGuard has automated cabin pressure control – ensuring that the pressure within the cabin is maintained at a level optimal for airflow and efficient filtration and to keep particulates out of the cabin with positive pressure.

Trial our live demo to see live data charts, calibration options, historical data, and everything else!

Meets and exceeds ISO23875 requirements

ISO 23875 compliant 

Meet and exceeds ISO 23875 performance requirements for real-time operator cabin monitoring.

Audible and visual alarms

Built-in alarms alert the operator when any of the pre-set thresholds have been exceeded. These alarms include, but are not limited to, exceeded CO₂ levels, over or under pressure, and exceeded particle mass concentration (PM) limit.

If an operator was to leave a window open, the OnGuard would firstly alarm due to loss of cabin pressure, then as the PM increased it could also alarm due to increasing PM counts, and the event/s would be recorded.

features also include

Particle count and mass concentration (PM)

The OnGuard sensor pods measure the particulate matter in the air stream, allowing you for the first time to see what is in the air in the breathing zone, the HVAC ducting, and even ambient air.

Auto cabin pressurisation

Automatically controls the cabin pressure to your preferred setting. This function will minimise decibel noise in the cabin, increasing the filtration efficiency of the filter, and extend the service life of the HEPA filter.

Note: When Activated Carbon for gas filtration is added, it reduces the velocity of the air through the carbon to increase gas absorption.

Real-time online interface and dashboard

Gain insights into the operator cabin environment with data logging at an interval you specify. The real-time data provides visibility and allows managers to make informed decisions, putting them into action at rapid speeds, increasing safety and productivity

Filter life tracking

Ensure optimal filter life and performance by tracking the service life of the filter with optional alerts at specified intervals for servicing. The motor speed indicates the current system capacity been used.

Authorisation hierarchy of access

Prevent opportunities for operators creating unsafe environments by editing settings, and give admin access to oversee data and settings of the system.

Fully configurable or plug and play

The OnGuard is highly customisable, and can be configurable for specific environments and needs. But if the basics are enough, enjoy a hassle-free installation.

Easy user interface

The OnGuard is mounted inside the cabin with five buttons and a backlit screen. Screen colour will depend on system condition, the same as the dashboard. Green = all good, Orange = check alarm, and Red = major fault.

VMS and site integration

At BreatheSafe, we believe that real-time monitoring and control will be the way of the future. OnGuard has been designed from the ground up to be integrated into your site network.

Note: Requires configuration.

Can be integrated to monitor any air pressure or filtration system, regardless of the manufacturer.


Preview the power of OnGuard via our live demo.

Log in using either the operator and admin access, view two months of demonstrative historic data, configure the settings and see the live data output for yourself.


Access the live demo

We will send you an email with the link and passwords to our live online demo

Understanding the Data Points

OnGuard monitoring controller data iso26875 data
PM Mass Concentration

Measures the mass concentration of particulate matter inside of the cabin.

These metrics represent the particle mass concentrations in µg/m³, for sizes under 1µm, 2.5µm, 4µm and 10µm. Available only if the sensor pod feature is enabled.

OnGuard monitoring controller data iso26875 data
PM Particle Counts

See in real-time the specific amount of particles inside the cabin and what size those particles are. Particle size has a direct correlation with the health hazard of the dust and how likely it is to bypass the filter.

These are the counts of particles per m³, for particle sizes under 0.5µm, 1µm, 2.5µm, 4µm and 10µm. Available only if the sensor pod feature is enabled. 

OnGuard monitoring controller data iso26875 data
Positive Pressure

The cabin pressure is measured in Pascals (Pa).

The industry minimum standard is between 20 and 50 Pa of positive pressure. BreatheSafe systems are preset to remain at 20 Pa but can be adjusted through system settings. Monitoring pressure and alerting when the positive pressure drops is part of the ISO23875 requirements, and OnGuard has real-time data available, as well as recorded data for later use. 

OnGuard monitoring controller data iso26875 data
Air Flow and Temperature

Mass Air Flow 

This is the raw mass flow into the cabin, in kg/hour. It is important for ensuring that fresh air is available in the cabin. Available only if the airflow sensor pod feature is enabled.

Air Flow Temperature 

The temperature of the air entering the cabin, in degrees Celsius. Available only if the airflow sensor pod feature is enabled.

Air Volume 

This measurement is the computed volume of air entering the cabin, in m³/min. This metric is based on the raw mass flow measurement and compensated for temperature (and humidity and barometric pressure where possible). Available only if the airflow sensor pod feature is enabled. 

OnGuard monitoring controller data iso26875 data
Inside CO₂ Concentration

The CO₂ concentration is reported in ppm or parts per million.

Monitoring CO₂ is part of the requirements in ISO 23875 which states that the maximum allowable CO₂ level is the outside ambient level + 400ppm. Alarms on the OnGuard are set to 2500ppm and are configurable by an individual with administrative control privileges.

OnGuard monitoring controller data iso26875 data
Motor Load

This represents how hard the motor is working. With variable speed pressurisers such as the BreatheSafe TL unit, the OnGuard will maintain 20 Pa of positive pressure within the cabin by controlling motor speed- the motor load will increase as the filter fills up or if any sealing issues occur.

The motor load is presented as a percentage between 0% at motor off and 100% at full speed.

OnGuard monitoring controller data iso26875 data
Humidity and Temperature

Relative Humidity

The relative humidity is measured in percentage. Available only if the sensor pod feature is enabled.


The temperature is measured in the sensor pod and reported in Degrees Celsius. Available only if the sensor pod feature is enabled.

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