The VacSafe range of vacuums are industrial HEPA vacuums made for even the most hazardous environments.

Install VacSafe vacuums in operator cabins, clean rooms, workshops, trucks, boats, et cetera. Let us know your needs and we will find a solution.


Your BreatheSafe High Pressure HEPA Filtration consistently filters the air inside of the cabin and recirculates it through HEPA filters.  The air incoming from the TL unit mounted on the outside of the enclosure is fully cleaned, and the pressurisation prevents hazardous dust from entering the vehicle.

However, operators bring in dust every time they open a window, open a door, and even when climbing inside on their clothes and boots. This dust then goes through the air recirculation filters and gets trapped. Operators remain safe, but the filters fill up quicker than necessary.

Prevent changing of filters as often due to this excess dust and use a VacSafe vacuum mounted inside of the cabin. Vacuum the boots and clothes of the operator, the floor and the seat before the operation even begins.

Be assured on operator safety and saving money on filter replacement

If you can imprint your shoe sole, then you have way too much settled dust!

Everytime you move your feet or the dust is disturbed, it enters your HEPA return air filter (HRAF) and clogs it more quickly. Minimise replacing the HRAF by removing this dust with VacSafe before it re-enters the HVAC system.

Images taken from large wheel loader

VacSafe Safety Vacuum

240V Outlet OR 24V

Vacsafe HEPA Vacuum Cleaner 24 volt differs from conventional vacuums in that it contains a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that is capable of trapping extremely small, micron sized particles.  A true HEPA filter can trap 99.97 percent of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Efficient and easy to use, make the Vacsafe HEPA Vacuum Cleaner 24 volt a perfect size vacuum cleaner for clean rooms, on sites, et cetera.

773E Dirty Cabin

Remove dust and dirt before it enters the HVAC

Comes with standard accessories:

  • Hose clip

  • Extension wand

  • Flexible hose kit

  • Crevice tool

  • Upholstery nozzle 

  • HEPA filter cartridge

VacSafe Wet Dry Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner comes with 3 motors for high power, powerful suction but with minimum noise. It is widely used in shops, airports, exhibition halls, conference rooms, construction sites and used for various large public occasions.  Controlled respectively by two switches, the motors can be operated simultaneously or separately.  That brings a great convenience to the user who can choose to start any number of motors so suit the occasion.  The product is designed to save energy for household applications.

All HME including light/medium vehicles.

Cabin doors and windows may be frequently opened by operators rendering HEPA filtration-pressurisation systems ineffective.  Also, dust contamination is brought into the cabin on the operator’s shoes and clothing.  The use of a HEPA vacuum to clean the cab interior will reduce secondary exposure of the operators and enhance the BreatheSafe HEPA air filtration systems.

  • Dried mud forms fine dust particles.
  • Dust is easily disturbed and gets in the air.
  • Simply closing the door can cause high levels of airborne dust in the cabin.
  • Vibration in the cabin will also cause dust to become airborne.
  • You may be exposed to high levels of silica dust from opening and closing the door.

Comes with standard accessories:

  • Trolly
  • Fleece Bag
  • Crevice Tool
  • Round Brush
  • 3 mtr Flexible Hose
  • 450mm Brush Nozzle
  • Washable Fabric Filter
  • 450mm Squeegee Nozzle
  • 2 pce Stainless Extension Pipes

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