Sytem display to let the operator know that the system is working

Display monitoring

A hi-tech in-cabin monitoring / display is required to keep operators safe for the long-term for the operator must be aware that the installed protection system is working.

HEPA filtration displayThe Breathe-Safe display controller has the technology to control the cabin environment constantly in real time. It is capable of compensating for fluctuating situations such as filter dust load, pressure drop due to a small leak and to increase pressure when vehicles are moving forward (Aerodynamic air pressure against forward surfaces).
It is capable of communicating by GSM network and alerting management that there is a current event and/or that the system requires maintenance.

Remote monitoring

There are events that can be data logged and conveyed to management, for example, if further training is required by an operator that has kept a window open.
The concern is respirable dust and other submicron particulates as these are invisible and can remain airborne for days or weeks.
An American study (NIOSH) found that when a door is opened at a mineral processing site (Drilling), the dust concentration inside the cabin increases by 9-fold, even when the operator waited for visible dust to dissipate.
Remember to always keep doors and windows closed.
Breathe-Safe system data logs can be used to analyse data over time and provide site level recommendations for system maintenance and performance.

What may be missing in current systems application are correct mitigation controls against respirable dust and respirable particulate matter. This requires systems and risk management procedures that can alert the operator and management when an engineering control requires maintenance. What is required is a system that can assist in developing new maintenance parameters by verifying performance gains and a system that will be effective for the service life of the machine or enclosure.

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