Remote monitoring is the key for success

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Remote monitoring is the key to success
Remote monitoring is the way forward for mineral processing site operations with real-time warning and long-range data to review and to prevent lung disease.

The greatest asset of a risk management plan is to have actual proof that an installed system is performing as designed; to the required level and outcome.

Other aspects to consider are long-term data log values that can assist in evaluating the gains in performance. When utilising innovative technology delivering efficiency gains such as the extended service cycle of brushless motors and by filtering the correct volume of fresh air with a Breathe-Safe pressuriser system the performance gains are significant.
Training must be part of the respirable dust risk management plan to engage operators. Training must include measures that need to be encouraged and kept such as keeping doors and windows closed always. Minimizing and controlling all potential events that can introduce contamination inside the cabin with respirable particulate.

 Remote monitoring

Data sample: Alarms are operator breaks (Door opened)

The most important factor is to keep the working environment clean and free from any airborne particulate matter and this can only be achieved with operator involvement.

Remote monitoring can be useful for:
• Collecting data 24/7
• Alerting management of events
• Reducing exposure to respirable particulate
• Developing real time maintenance schedule
• Improving operator awareness and accountability
• Management of safety proactively